Cork Cat Show in Mallow 25.09.2011 

Siberian Adult Intermediate Judge Mrs J Clare Colombo Fordonia*PL 1 Intermediate Certificate & Best Of Breed. Seal tabby & white with the most gentle of temperaments. Hefty boy for his age. Short broad wedge shaped head, rounded muzzle and balanced chin, good profile and nose lenght. Medium ears well furnished set wide apart. Oval eyes of good colour, lovely expression. Medium lenght coat, texture good, excellent tabby markings on face legs and ears. Very promising.

S.A.B.C.C.I Cat Show in Dublin 23.10.2011

Siberian Adult Intermediate Judge Mrs Chapman- Beer Colombo Fordonia*PL 1 Intermediate Certificate & Best Of Breed, Best Of Variety Semi-Long Hair Adult. Short broad wedge with rounding to contours. Slight doming to forehead with medium sized ears which are set wide apart and well furnished. Mature head for 11 months of age. Low cheek bones with rounded line to whisker pads. Large pale blue eyes set wide apart, oblique in set with uniform width to nose. Profile shows a slight dip to nose line with slight rounding to chin. Large long body is weighty and well muscled, medium length to legs of substantial bone with large white paws showing tufts. Coat is of medium length and dense with a firm coarser top coat, has a white bib, tabby mask and markings, feint tabby markings on body. A handsome, mature boy for his age. Tail tapers to tip, short to reach shoulder, well furnished. Very nice lad, promising.

Midland Cat Show in Limerick 19.02.2012

Siberian Adult Intermediate Judge Mrs B. Shingleton. Unfortunately, judge lost all reports. Colombo Fordonia*PL 1 Intermediate Certificate & Best Of Breed

Maine Coon Brown/Blue Tabby Adult Male Judge B. Shingleton Bulgari Bubu-Coons*PL 1 Challenge Certificate & Best Of Breed

CelTICAt Show in Dublin 01st of April 2012

Judges: Vickie Fisher, Eduard Borras, Vlada Baninya

Colombo Fordonia*PL 2x Best Cat, 2x 2nd Best Cat, 3rd Best Cat and 9th Best Cat

Bulgari Bubu-Coons*PL 2nd Best Cat, 3rd Best Cat, 4th Best Cat

Supreme Cat Show 22.04.2012 Siberian Adult Intermediate Judge Mrs Hamilton Colombo Fordonia*PL 1IC & Best Of Breed 82 40 11w male 02/11/2010 A handsome boy of budding excellence showing lovely type, balance and masculinity. Excellent strength, balance and masculinity for his age. Well developed cheeks. Well placed and proportionate ears. Very good profile and having a level bite. Muzzle is well rounded and his chin is firm. Large rounded eyes showing dual shades of blue. Long muscular and masculine body with corresponding balanced tail with full brush. Very good length and texture to coat still in winter phase. Very attractive seal tabby and white pattern. Excellent condition.

Maine Coon Adult Male Judge Mr Hansson Bulgari Bubu-Coons*PL 1CC & Best Of Breed, Best of Variety Semi-Longhair, Supreme Adult 2012 64 41 08-05-2011 Brown classic tabby, head still the look of youth (as he is), needs a little more cheeks, good muzzle, concave curve in profile, needs a little more chin, bite good. Ears large & tufted, wide open, set tall. Body long, rectangular shape,, large tufted paws, excellent bone to his legs, excellent tail, long and flowing, plume effect. Excellent presentation, good length, some roof and breeches, good facials & leg bracelets, back a little solid, oysters on the sides. Wonderful temperament & super condition. He was later in the day the Supreme Adult Exhibit, congratulations.

Cork Cat Show in Cobh 23.09.2012

Champion Semi longhair-judge Mr S Leppard 1GCC & BOB Kusmierz’s Ch. Bulgari Bubu Coons 64 41 8/5/11 Brown Tabby Maine coon. Very mature handsome lad who was of an excellent size. Correct medium length to his head, with excellent ear placement, sitting high with lovely lynx tufts, correct width to base. Fairly full cheeks with high cheekbones. Round full expressive eyes of a very nice amber colour. Uniform width to nose with shallow concave curse at nasal bridge, Upper lid & nose leather fallen in a perpendicular line. Very good firm chin with good bite nice square muzzle. Very substantial boning and length to this lad who is of a nice muscular feel to him, with pleasing rectangular shape to the back and rump, firm legs with large round tufted paws black pads. Pleasing tabby pattern to the head, and over the back with some tabby barring down back and to the flank, tail although of a nice full length and wide to the base up to shoulders, was quite dense black. Correct woolly under coat was dense with a smother shinny overcoat, fur shorter on face head but longer to flanks and on tail Excellent show presentation and fabulous temperament, a very handsome lad who took all in his stride. Very nicely shown lad in excellent condition.

SABCCI Show in Dublin 21.10.2012

Champion Semi Longhair-judge Mrs. B Prowse GR CC M KUSMIERZ’S CH BULGARI BUBU-COONS (64 41) M 8/5/11 – Brown Tabby Maine Coon. Good size, well built and standing on substantial legs with large round well tufted paws. Body long with proportionate limbs. Head is medium in length with tall well tufted ears that are set high. Round hazel eyes which are set slightly oblique. Nose of uniform width with a slight concave curve. Square muzzle with firm chin. Good bite. Coat well prepared and a lovely texture. Cold copper ground colour with well defined black markings. M to forehead, spectacles around eyes, spotted whisker pads, thumb prints to ears. Shoulder markings form an outline of a butterfly with oysters to both flanks. Back a little solid. Tail very long, well ringed and well furnished.  

Siberian kitten judge Mrs. Pat Perkins1ST. & BOB KUSMIERZ TUNEZJA NOWA ERA (18.6.12) – Delightful Tortie Tabby, already showing good texture to her coat, top coat harsh, soft undercoat developing, good tortie colours to body and head, ruff coming in. Tabby to head, M, spectacles, rings to legs, slight rings on tail which needs to fill out. Small but compact build, strong legs, head a broad wedge, cheeks widening out, firm chin, medium ears wide set, eyes bright, slightly oval, the colour not yet sorted – super lively temperament, my take home baby.

TirNaTICA Show in Dublin 1st & 2nd of December 2012

Judge: Pascale Portelas, Monika Dany, Theresa Kempton, Jane Allen

Bulgari Bubu-Coons*PL 5th Best Cat and 9th Best Cat

Tunezja Nowa Era*PL 5th Best Kitten

Midland Cat Show in Limerick 17.02.2013

Siberian Adult Intermediate Judge Mr M.Pearman Brutus Sotorp – 1IC, Best of Breed, Best of Semi-longhair adult, Best Semi-longhair in Show

Hibernian Class Judge Mr M.Pearman Bulgari Bubu-Coons – Hibernian & Best of Breed

CelTICAt Show in Dublin 16-17th of March 2013

Ireland z Krystianowki – 1st Best Cat and from now Ireland is a Champion

Supreme Cat Show 21.04.2013

Siberian Adult Intermediate Judge Mr Crow TUNEZJA NOWA ERA (18.6.12)  – 1st Best of Breed and Best of Variety semi-longhair Adult

Maine Coon kitten Judge Mr Crow Fur Real Flower Power! – 2nd Breed Class 

TirNaTICA Show in Dundalk 25-26.05.2013

Colombo Fordonia*PL 3rd Best Cat, 4th Best Cat, 5th Best Cat, 8th Best Cat and from now Colombo is a QGC

Tunezja Nowa Era*PL 4th Best Cat and from now Tunezja is a Champion

Fur Real Flower Power! 4th Best Kitten

TirNaTICA Show in Dundalk 25.05.2014

Brutus Sotorp 3rd Best Cat, 3rd Best Cat, 6th Best Cat, 6th Best Cat and from now Brutus is a Grand Champion

S.A.B.C.C.I. Cat Show in Dublin 19.10.2014

Siberian Adult: Brutus Sotorp 1 CC and Best of Breed

AC SIBERIAN ADULT – judge Mrs P Perkins

1ST. CC & BOB KUSMIERZ SOTORP BRUTUS – 82 38s (22.10.08) Mature boy, solid with lots of “heft” to his body, strong thick legs and large paws.  Masculine head with nicely positioned ears, round slightly oblique set to his eyes, width to cheeks, muzzle could be a touch stronger.Thick coat with a soft undercoat, well presented, tabby to head and legs, tail in balance to body, full and slightly ringed – easy going fellow.

Hibernian Class: Grand & Supreme Champion Bulgari Bubu Coons. 1 Hibernian Grand Challenge Cert., Best of Breed, Best of Variety Semi Longhair Adult, Best in Show Semi Longhair, Best in Show Overall and Public’s Favorite Pedigree Cat.

Dr B Bennett

BoB.  KUSMIERZ’ GR & SUPREME CH BULGARI BUBU-COONS. M. (64 41) 8/5/11. Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon. What a good start to the day.  This lad, large and leonine, has an excellent head, strongly boned with correct length to breadth proportions, well squared muzzle, ears tapering and well held up, might be a little taller perhaps, eyes of good size and shape, amber toned. Profile shows the required shallow curve from brow to strong, masculine muzzle of good depth, chin and bite level. Body well grown, with a rectangular outline to it, limbs well boned and strong, large rounded paws with tufts, tail of balancing length reaching shoulder blades with ease. Coat slightly dry textured, topcoat flowing becomingly from shoulders and spine down the flanks, ruff and bib to set off the head, breeches and flowing tail completing the picture. Becoming tabby pattern, a little solid over the lower spine. Poised and dignified. Later Best Pedigree Exhibit; congratulations.


(8.5.11) Big gentle Brown Tabby Maine Coon lad. Long lean body, his limbs thick, high and strong, really large paws with under tufts, strong head, his ears wide based and held very high, long tips, lovely oblique set greenish eyes, firm chin and a square muzzle. Coat thick but soft showing classic markings to back and sides, M to head, spectacles round eyes, eye lines, rings to legs and showing on his very long full tail – a quality boy who later became overall BIS many congratulations.

Midland Cat Show in Limerick 22.02.2015

Siberian Adult
1st CC & BOB Kusmierz Tunezja Nuwa Era (82.31et)
A very pretty siberian, the profile showing a slight concave curve at the bridge of the nose, moderately developed whisker pads, broad cheek bones, a strong slightly rounded chin, large slightly shaped oval eyes, medium sized ears, nicely rounded at the tip and set well apart. Medium length body with a broad chest, good length legs, tail broad at the base and slightly tapering to the tip. A medium length coat with a very dense  soft fine undercoat, which was  covered by coarser substantial topcoat . Beautifully tortie tabby and white, excellent colours and showing distinct tabby markings. A lovely cat well shown.

HIBERNIAN CLASS ADULT Hib. Kusmierz’s SUP GR CH BULGARI BUBU-COONS. 64 41What an impressive looking mature boy.  What a lovely start to the day. Really solid body with good long full tail. Strong legs and massive paws. Extremely strong head lines with large well set ears with tufts. Oblique set eyes. Very good concave nose line and firm level chin. The whole head framed by a ruff. Excellent full coat, extremely well prepared.

S.A.B.C.C.I. Cat Show in Dublin 18.10.2015


HIB GC to Kusmierz’s GR & SUP CH BULGARI BUBU-COONS (MCO n 22)(M)(8.05.2011). A strong, well grown lad. Stands well with a typical breed outline. Tail to balance. Good bone and muscle tone. Strong neckline. Head of typical lines with good profile, well developed muzzle & deep chin. Nice forehead and top. Just a fraction narrow in the lower jaw. Medium large ears set well and with tufts. Well-groomed and presented in his summer coat so lackingsome length and undercoat, but the pattern is good.

Siberian Adult

Kusmierz’ SOTORP BRUTUS (82 38s) (M) (22.10.2008). Such an impressive male on every level. Beautifully well gown, mature and balanced. Strong, powerful body with fabulous boning – fantastic weight of solid muscle. Thick, strong neck supporting a text book head and with such a perfect expression for this breed. Although he was in summer coat (a state which is not kind to this breed’s majestic looks) he was immaculately prepared with a beautifully clear silver coat and perfect spotting. Rather soft of course being summer attire. Definitely my take home cat of the day!

Midland Cat Show in Limerick 21.02.2016

judge: Daphne Butters


CC & BOB, KUSMIERZ’S TUNEZIA NUWA ERA, (SIB f 03 21), F, 18.06.12
Tortie-Tabby  &  White  Siberian.  Another  really  lovely  girl  with  a  very  nice expression indeed.  Medium  sized  ears  with  rounded  tips,  sitting  well  apart  and  positioned  over  an ear’s width apart on the head. Her strong feminine head shows good gentle contours with a short broad wedge, slightly rounded muzzle and chin. Rounded lower line to slightly oval shaped  green  eyes.  Slightly  domed  forehead, slight concave  curve  to  the  nose  and  the nasal  bridge.  Broad,  low  set cheekbones,  connecting to  the  whisker  pads  and  chin. Rectangular  shaped body,  good  solid feel  to  her  with  well  boned  limbs of medium  length and  large  round  paws.  Broad  base  to  the  tail,  it  was  well  furnished  and  slightly  tapering towards  the  tip,  tail  length  balanced  the  body  well,  easily  reaching  the  shoulder  blades.
Like many of the semi-longhairs this winter, the warmer weather means that she is not in full winter coat and at the moment is a little lacking in undercoat so doesn’t have that real ‘springiness  to  the  coat  texture  at  the  moment.  However,  she  does  have  an  excellent coarser waterproof topcoat. I appreciate that the weather has affected the SLH cats’ coat development this winter and took this into account when judging. She does have fairly full breeches and a ruff present. Although there are no points for colour, I really loved her rich warm vibrant tortie tabby colours and an attractive red flash up the face. White to lips, chin, underbody and paws. Fabulous to handle and presented beautifully with sparkling whites. A very nice female all round. Just lost out to the Birman when I was choosing my Best SLH Adult as the Birman had better coat development on the day.