FORESTSIDE the FIRST Breeder in the Ireland to breed Siberian Cats

My name is Mirela and along with my partner Gniewko we are a hobby breeders.  

All our cats are part of the family. Kittens are introduced to the television, the vacuum, the telephone and dogs barking, all of which helps them to be completely comfortable within a home environment.             

I am a breeder member of the Siberian Cat Club (abiding by their codes of ethics).

Our cattery and kittens are registered in TICA. Our cats are registered in TICA and GCCFI.


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  1. Hello mirela I have six cats here at home I’m wondering how would a male /female Maine coons get on with them

  2. Hi Mirela, I was wondering if you have any kittens for sale? I have read up on the breed and I would very much like to have one as part of my family. I live in Dublin. Mo

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